Why You Need To Book A Boiler Service

book your boiler service

Maintaining your boiler is essential to maintaining a comfortable home. Here are some reasons why it’s worth regularly doing, including how it benefits your home, the environment and saves you energy.

Keep Your Home And Your Family Safe

Regular boiler servicing will not only help to maintain efficiency and safety but can also help reduce the number of accidents. It helps ensure your boiler is running optimally – meaning it should be more cost-effective in the long run.

A gas safe registered engineer will assess all possible safety hazards and fix any issues straight away during a boiler service to give you peace of mind that your family is safe from harm.

If a boiler doesn’t work correctly, it can produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, water vapour, and other potentially harmful byproducts that are dangerous to you and your family.

Stop Minor Issues Before They Turn Into Significant Expensive Issues

Don’t let minor problems slide – any issues with your boiler can quickly worsen if you don’t address them promptly. A gas safe registered engineer should regularly examine your boiler to see if it’s working correctly, which helps avoid more extensive problems & costly repairs in the future.

The engineers servicing your boiler can carry out any minor gas boiler repair required to keep it working efficiently.

Increasing Boiler Efficiency Means Saving Money On Your Energy Bills

Servicing your central heating is another home expense. But it also has the potential to save you more money. The gas safe registered engineer performs several checks during your service to ensure that your boiler is running at peak performance.

Boilers need to be efficient since more efficiency will save you time and money over time. The efficiency of your boiler will depend on its age and type.

A Boiler Service Is A Legal Requirement If Your Are A Landlord

All gas engineers in the UK with the top grade of Gas Safe registration must check gas appliances once a year. They will look for any faults to ensure your safety.

Gas checks can find fault with any gas appliance, not just boilers. They will also check the safety of your kitchen appliances like stoves and fireplaces.

Unfortunately, landlords are not responsible for gas safety checks on appliances you’ve rented, so be sure to do those yourself. They also aren’t responsible for any flues that connect solely to your gas appliances.

How Frequently Should You Service Your Boiler?

Technically, your boiler warranty or business insurance policy might require that you get regular check-ups with qualified professionals to ensure that it’s in good working order.

An annual boiler service will meet most insurance company requirements, though you’ll need to contact your provider to be sure. Getting the service done in the summertime is best because the weather is warmer.

The summertime is the best time to call an engineer for your central heating and boiler inspection because this is around when they are less busy. They will be able to advise you on what you need before the cold winter months too. Check out what does a boiler service include in our blog post.

Whether you decide to service your boiler regularly or not, it’s always wise to note when it was last serviced and set a reminder for the next appointment. Always book an engineer through a Gas Safe registered company so you can feel confident in the work they undertake.

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