What Does A Boiler Service Include

boiler service checklist

Having an annual boiler service can help make your boiler work safely and efficiently.

We’ve detailed below areas covered as part of the boiler service and why it’s so important. You’ll learn about the checks that an engineer will carry out at your home and what you can expect at the end of the visit.

It is essential to ensure the engineer has the correct qualifications to carry out the service. If you have natural gas, make sure your service technician is registered with the Gas Safe registry. Oil boilers should be serviced by an OFTEC engineer who you should ask to see their Gas Certified Identification card before they start.

The Gas Safe registered engineer will do a few things during their visit:

The Gas and Heating engineer will look for any problems and leaks to ensure your boiler is clean and safe. They will also visually examine the flame in front of your boiler.

It is vital to go through the boiler to fix any issues. The engineer will then check the various components like the heat exchanger, burner, main injector and spark probe.

The engineer will check that there are no issues with your chimney’s flue terminals, the flue us secure and make sure the area around the flue is clean.

A gas pressure check can be carried out as a preventative measure that ensures your boiler is working at the correct pressure.

The boiler is then turned on and fired up to determine if there are any faults in the system.

How Long Does It Take To Service A Boiler?

According to the brand and model of your boiler, you should expect the service to take approximately 30 minutes or more. After the boiler service, the engineer will give you a full report outlining what they’ve done and whether additional parts need replacing.

You can ask them any questions you might have, and they’ll likely be happy to help you out.

How Often Should Boilers Be Serviced?

As we’ve mentioned, any boiler should be serviced annually. Annual boiler servicing not only ensures that the heating system is running well and in a safe manner, but it also keeps the warranty up-to-date in many cases.

The summer is the best time for heating as you don’t need to depend on your boiler during this season. You’ll know that it will work seamlessly when winter comes around, saving you from trouble in the long run. Fewer engineers are working around this time of year, too, meaning lower prices.

If your boiler is not working correctly and you’re wondering what to do, we recommend contacting a registered and qualified engineer. This way, they can diagnose whether there’s an issue with your boiler and, if so, fix it.

How Much Does A Boiler Service Cost In The UK?

The cost of full boiler services can vary but is generally in the range of £50 to £80. The type of boiler you have and where you live will affect the price. Standard efficiency boilers are around £50 to £80, while a high-efficiency condensing boiler would be £80 to £160 or more.

It makes sense that those living in London are likely to pay more than those living in the countryside.

Having your boiler serviced in the summer may sound strange, but you could save a lot of money as professionals won’t have as many jobs on their books. It also guarantees that you have heaters and hot water ready for the colder winter days ahead.

Boiler Service Cover

While boiler warranties may only last 12-24 months, you can receive free servicing and labour with an annual boiler cover plan.

Having an annual boiler cover plan means your warranty shouldn’t end prematurely and that you’ll be 100% safe in terms of the mechanics of your boiler.

For a monthly fee, the cost of your yearly service is taken care of, and you’ll have peace of mind should anything go wrong. However, it’s worth noting that over a year, your monthly fees are likely to end up adding up to more than what you would pay for a one-off boiler service.

Gas Boiler Services

It critical that you use a Gas Safe-registered engineer to carry out a gas boiler service. It’s not just about the boiler working well. It’s also ensuring there isn’t any carbon monoxide gas leaking into the home.

Oil Boiler Services

Oil boilers should be serviced annually to ensure they’re running safely and efficiently and by an OFTEC engineer.

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