Do Plumbers Fix Boilers?

do plumbers repair boilers

Many people have plumbing challenges, but have you ever wondered what a plumber does with your broken boiler? The answer is quite simple. A plumber will repair your boiler if it has broken down.

A plumber might be called when you notice that the pressure in your pipes is not normal or that water is escaping from the boiler or leaking from under it. This could be due to a leak, poor installation, clogging of the pipe, or any other problems with the boiler system.

So do plumbers fix boilers? Boilers are usually repaired and serviced by gas engineers. But you could argue a plumbing company will also have Gas Engineers, so the answer to your question is Yes, they do, and if you need one fixed, then I recommend contacting a professional as soon as possible to get that fixed for you!

Typical Faults With A Boiler

A boiler can be a significant investment for a home. To make the most of the investment, knowing what might go wrong with a boiler is essential.

The faults of a boiler can vary – there may be a leak, the water might not be hot enough, and the boiler might not be heating up.

The most common fault with boilers is carbon monoxide leakage. If the boiler is leaking carbon monoxide gas, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible before any further damage can take place.

Many other faults can occur with a boiler, the most typical one being corrosion. Corrosion leads to the metal in the boiler losing its protective coating, which leads to it reacting with the oxygen in the air and rusting.

The rust forms deposits on the metal, which can build up and restrict water flow, meaning less heat is transferred around your home and ultimately leads to higher running costs and less efficiency for heating our homes.

There are several ways to avoid these problems when you maintain your boiler:

  • Avoid using the wrong kind of fuel
  • Check and clean vents and pipes regularly
  • Beware of signs that your boiler needs maintenance:
  • Make sure that your radiators are not venting into other rooms:
  • Keep your boiler in good condition by fixing any leakages promptly.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is time to call for help:

  • You see blue flames when you turn on your water.
  • Your water is not heating up.
  • Your boiler has been making strange noises.
  • If your boiler does not turn on.

If you need help with a boiler repair, then contact us immediately.

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